4 Amazing DIY Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

4 Amazing DIY Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Each year, you need to come up with new birthday gift ideas for your closest friends or family members. And year after year, you face the same problem: what presents can you give that will be personal, cool, and that would put a smile on your family and friends’ faces?

Guess what. We have a simple solution that will make your birthday gifts, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion, really special. How about you make your own, super personal DIY gifts with Roxy Epoxy? Nothing says “a gift from the heart” like a DIY creation in which you poured your time and affection, especially for your loved ones.

By doing this, you can avoid going to shopping malls while also doing something extra special for your mom, sister, grandma, or best friend. If you like the idea, but you don’t exactly know what to do, that’s where we come in with our list of unique DIY gift ideas for any age or style!


1. DIY Resin Notebook

This is a great gift idea for your little sister who’s into journaling or a friend who likes to keep her ideas organized in one place.

You’ll need Roxy Epoxy, a notebook mold, acrylic paint or color powders, mixing cups, stirring sticks, notebook paper, and rings. Mix equal parts of resin and hardener in the mixing cup and stir with the stick. Add the color you want, and, once the color is even, pour the mix slowly into the notebook mold. Add some glitter to the mix to make it extra pretty.

Let it cure until completely dry and then remove it from the mold. Make sure to make two pieces for the front and the back. You can then assemble the notebook by adding the paper and the rings. You’ll have a super cute gift that you can personalize however you want. We’re sure that the first line written inside of it will be, “Dear diary, I just received the prettiest gift ever!”

2. Jewelry Tree Organizer

Got a Boho bestie that has a bit of a jewelry obsession and has tons of necklaces, rings, and earrings? Then she’ll love this gift, made just for her. You’ll need a small tree branch, a small log slice, Roxy Epoxy, gold or silver paint, a paintbrush, and glue.

 Hang the branch upside down in the air above the working space, being sure to put a disposable cloth underneath. Mix 2 ounces of resin and hardener in equal parts, according to the directions on the box. Use the paintbrush to coat the branch in resin, as it will strengthen and help the branch stabilize. Let it dry for 24 hours. Spray the branch in gold, silver, or any color paint you’d like. Drill a small hole in the base of the log so you can put the branch in it and fix the branch inside with glue. That’s it!

3. Confetti/Glitter Tray

This can be a great gift for a mom or grandmother. Choose a nice, wooden tray and embellish it with colorful glitter or confetti. Select different colors to mix for a rainbow effect. Cover the tray in confetti or glitter, making sure it covers the bottom in a thick layer. Mix the resin and hardener in equal parts, following the directions on the box. Once the resin is mixed, pour it over the confetti in the tray, making sure it covers it completely in an even layer. Let it dry for 24 hours.

 4. DIY Mosaic Frame

Cherish your precious family moments with a mosaic picture frame that could be the perfect gift for any family member! Choose a wooden frame, colored cardstocks in different shades, and make sure to have on hand a paper cutter, epoxy resin, and some double-sided adhesive. Cut the colorful papers into small, square pieces and start placing them on the wooden frame, fixing them with double-sided tape. You can arrange them in a pattern, creating an ombre effect, or just place them randomly. Add a coat of sealing glue on top and let it dry. It’s time to add the resin coat that you previously mixed according to the instructions. Pour evenly on the frame, making sure it covers it whole, including the edges. Let it cure for at least 1 day. After that, you can add a picture and gift wrap it.


In conclusion…

These are just a few ideas of what you can do at home. Surprise everyone with some fantastic handmade presents! We’d love to hear what other ideas you have for a special DIY gift that could be given on any occasion.