6 Amazing Ideas For Epoxy & Wood Creation

6 Amazing Ideas For Epoxy & Wood Creation

There’s something highly satisfying about working with a big block of wood that you can turn into whatever you want. It allows you to let your creativity run free and see where it takes you.

You know what the best part is? When you finish your project and get to display it in your own home for your friends and family to enjoy it. 

Today we want to talk about epoxy resin and wood creation. With so many Americans jumping on the wood epoxy bandwagon, we thought we should help you out with some inspiration for your next clear resin project.

So, let’s see some awesome ideas you can try at home:

1. Epoxy River Table

By now you must have seen the countless videos or photos on social media with tables made out of wood and blue liquid glass epoxy. They look like a dream and would definitely be the absolute centrepiece of your living room.

Tip: Embed some seashells when casting with resin, to get a beach vibe aesthetic.

2. Epoxy Waterfall Bench 

This is roughly the same concept as before, but instead of making a table you can make a bench with epoxy resin for wood. Imagine how lovely it will look in your backyard or garden and it will go great with the table we mentioned earlier if you decide to make them as a set.

3. Decorative coffee table

The beauty of epoxy resin art is that you can create literally anything you want. How about a cute coffee table for your office or living room with different patterns made from clear epoxy mixed with any colorful powders you like. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what pattern you can choose. How about a leafy one, or geometrical shapes?

4. DIY cutting boards 

Who said cutting boards have to be plain and boring? You can work with clear epoxy resin and different colors to create a cutting board so beautiful you won’t want to use it for cutting! It’s ok, you can use it as a cheese platter instead!

5. Resin and wood coasters

If it’s your first time trying your hand at wood epoxy crafts, it might be better to start with a smaller project. You don’t have to tackle difficult crafts like epoxy countertops, or table tops and bar tops made with epoxy resin. You can get used to working with resin by making a set of coasters. You can personalize and shape them how you want: they can be round, square, or hexagonal. You decide how much wood and how much resin should be included. You can even add glitter!

5. Decorative wall clock

It’s about time (pun intended!) you made your own epoxy painting wooden clock. It’ll look super cool on your bedroom wall and it’ll make sure you never run late. A win-win situation! Again, you can play with the shape, the color of the epoxy, and where and how to integrate the wooden parts.

In conclusion…

We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations! Hope you feel inspired today and can start on your next cool project. Don’t forget to tag us on social media using #roxyepoxycrafts, so we can share the love for arts and epoxy crafts with everybody.