How To Prepare The Crafting Area For Epoxy Work

How To Prepare The Crafting Area For Epoxy Work

Are you ready for your first epoxy resin project? Are you excited?

Working with clear resin can be super fun and rewarding, but it can be pretty messy too. That’s why the first thing you need to do is prepare your crafting area for making epoxy resin art.

Don’t frown; it’s not complicated and it won’t take up too much of your time. Here are some pointers on what you should do:

We’ve answered all your questions about epoxy to help you create like a pro.

Know what surfaces resin doesn’t stick to

This information helps you find the right surfaces for your crafting area and what you can use to get out of a sticky situation. 

Mold release is great for demolding clear epoxy resin jewelry. The epoxy glue won’t stick to the molds and you’ll have them for longer. 

Wax won’t let epoxy stick to it. Any kind of wax is great if you're casting with resin and want to create a void in your cast. Pour the resin around the wax, let it cure, and pull the wax away.

Wax paper, parchment paper, freezer paper. Cover your working area in one of these papers since resin won’t stick to them. 

Silicone makes a good molding material because other resins don’t stick to it. Don’t use silicone on silicone though, as you’ll just get one big block of silicone.

Let your craft dry on a level surface

If you coated a bar top, table top, or even countertops with epoxy resin, you shouldn’t worry about the surface being even. Just make sure to let it dry in a place where it won’t be disturbed. 

If you’re working on smaller projects, prepare a level surface for items to dry on. Make sure nobody touches them while they are curing. And if you have pets, watch out for that cat and dog hair. You wouldn’t want Snowball’s fur ruining your epoxy painting or necklace, right?

Cover your projects while they are curing

Did you just finish a liquid glass epoxy craft? Or maybe you made a wood epoxy frame? Whatever your creation might be, make sure to protect it from dust or other contaminants while it’s curing. Cover it with a box or a transparent dome. 

Now you can finally rest, reward yourself with a drink, and wait for your new DIY project to be ready.

See, it’s not hard at all to prepare your area for working with epoxy resin for wood or any other kind of materials.

Now, I’d advise you to get all the tools you need for your project. Don’t start without your safety gloves as you wouldn’t want to get resin on your skin. Make sure you have enough measuring cups, stirring sticks, resin molds, and colorful powders. Whatever epoxy resin tools you’re missing, you can easily find it at Home Depot, or online. 

Also, make sure you have a plan in mind before mixing the resin. Since it hardens fast, you won’t have time to think about what you want to create. You’ll already need to know it beforehand.

Let us know how your first experience with Roxy Epoxy went!