Learn with Roxy Epoxy: What Accessories You Need When Working With Resin

Learn with Roxy Epoxy: What Accessories You Need When Working With Resin

When you take on a new hobby, the first thing to do is learn what supplies you need to purchase. 

Painters need canvases, acrylic paints, watercolors, brushes, and so on.

Photographers need a good camera, a dark room if they take analog pictures, or a useful editing app if they take digital ones.

Sculptors need marble.

What about epoxy enthusiasts?

Well, dear resin lovers, I’m about to give you all the resin tips and tricks I’ve learned by working with epoxy, especially what accessories to use with resin. 

Basic or essential resin accessories & supplies 

Let’s start with the basic supplies you’ll need when working with resin. These supplies shouldn’t miss from your workstation at all and usually come with the epoxy resin kit you’ve purchased.

Mixing Cups  

Usually, these cups come with the epoxy resin of your choice, so you don’t need to buy them separately. 

They are extremely useful because you need correct measurements of hardener and resin in order to respect the 1:1 mixing ratio. If you don’t mix the right amounts, your epoxy resin will not cure properly. 

Mixing cups have measurement lines that allow you to take precise measurements of your resin and hardener. 

Stirring sticks 

They also come included in most resin epoxy kits. These stirring sticks are usually made out of wood or plastic, and they help you stir the mixed resin and hardener thoroughly.

This step is very important as it helps the resin cure faster, and it doesn’t allow sticky spots to form.

Safety equipment 

Resins are chemicals, so it’s better to wear protective gear when working with them. The most basic protective gear you can use is gloves. They will protect your hands and skin. They usually are included in any resin kit. 

Safety goggles or glasses are also extremely recommended. You need to protect your eyes from any accidental splashes. 

You can also wear protective clothing if you’re worried that you might get any epoxy on your clothes. Resin drips might damage your clothes, as they do not come off. They are also irritating to the skin.

For your own safety, you can also wear a filter mask while working with resin. If exposure limits are exceeded or if irritation or other symptoms are experienced, use a full-face respirator with multi-purpose combination (US) or type AXBEK (EN 14387) respirator cartridges.

Protective tarp: freeze paper or wax paper 

Spills are normal and impossible to avoid when working with resin. 

To avoid messes, we recommend covering your workstation with freeze paper or wax paper.

If your work area is covered in a waxy surface, you can let any spill cure, and just peel it off once you’re finished with your project. Easy-peasy. 

Special resin accessories 

You probably want to try your hand at some beautiful epoxy resin crafts.

In that case, basic supplies are not enough for you. You’ll need all sorts of accessories and supplies that will make your end product stand out. 

Color powders, pigments, and foils

Life in technicolor is better. So is epoxy resin art! You can find so many Mica powder color options with different finishes. 

Are you going for a romantic, shiny finish? Choose pearlescent Mica powders.

Do you want vivid colors that shine bright at night? Try glow-in-the-dark pigments, then. 

Or maybe you want your crafts to have a luxurious feel? Well, there’s a solution even for that. Sprinkle your project with some metallic foil flakes

Molds, molds, molds 

Ready to try your hand at creating different objects?

How about a Domino set or chess pieces made by your own hands? 

Whatever you choose, you need a resin mold set that will allow you to pour the resin into the desired shapes. 

We recommend going for silicone molds, as they will handle the heat of the mixed resin better.

Mold release 

If you want your molds to have a long life, use a mold release agent every time you work with them. 

The mold release will make it easier to demold your project, and it will protect the resin mold from unwanted warps or cracks. 

Extra resin accessories

Are you more experienced in using epoxy resin? 

Then you probably want to tackle more complicated projects. 

Here are some of the accessories that will make your life easier. 

Mini scale

Say goodbye to guessing the amount of resin and hardener you’re using. 

You need to be extremely precise with your measurements to get a well-cured epoxy. 

The solution? 

Buy a mini scale that will make these measures for you

Besides, you can use it for other stuff, too. You can even weigh your food if you’re on a strict diet. 

LED light 

This item could be helpful to see any bubbles that the naked eye can’t catch. 

If the ambient light doesn’t work for you, get a bright LED light and spot those small bubbles with ease.

Heat tool

If you need a tool to remove air bubbles from your epoxy resin, we recommend using a heat gun.

It works great, and it’s safer than using anything with an open flame, like a heat torch.

Pin vise 

Some art projects or epoxy jewelry projects require you to drill small holes. 

You need to be precise when drilling, so a pin vise is more than welcome. It works great with resin, wood, beads, plastic, or even pearls. 

Jewelry making kit 

Do you love the idea of making your own jewelry? Or maybe you want to surprise your girlfriends with handmade gifts that will suit their style?

The easiest way to go is to purchase a jewelry-making kit

It will include everything you need: from the resin and hardener to glitter, color powders, earring hooks, keychains, dried flowers, different molds, and even a mini drill. 

Why struggle to find all your accessories in different places when you can get a complete kit with all you need for your artistic endeavors. 

Getting started with epoxy resin is not hard at all, as long as you have the right supplies and accessories. 

Just like any great artist, you have to rely on quality supplies and your innate talent. 

With these resin tips and tricks, you’re ready to conquer the epoxy world!