Glow In The Dark Pigments

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  • Easy to mix
  • Rechargeable
  • Long-lasting luminosity

Add some luminous glow to your life! Step up your epoxy game with Roxy Epoxy’s new glow in the dark powder. Versatile and easy to use, our luminous pigment adds a unique touch to every DIY project.

Let there be light!

Glow in the dark pigments in 12 colors. Each package contains approx. 20g of pigment. For a luminous glowing powder, follow a 1 part pigment and 2 parts binder mixture ratio.

Pure pigments, no binders. Many glow-in-the-dark pigments contain a high proportion of bindingagents that affect the color and glow effect. Our glow-in-the-dark pigments have an extremely high content of active material, giving the brightest glowing effect.

There is no end to its applications. Our pigments are suitable for artwork, interior design, and crafts. You can also use the pigments in jewelry, shoes, bags, and even as a children's toy!

To optimize the glowing effect, it is recommended to "charge" the pigments for at least half an hour in the sunlight before using.

How to Use

Expose to sunlight before use

Day or night, you’ll need ultraviolet light to make our product glow. Make sure to expose it to sunlight for 10-20 minutes prior to use so it can glow in the dark.

Mix equal parts of resin and hardener

Mix the Epoxy resin. You'll want to use a 1:1 ratio with parts A and B to get the appropriate consistency - and to cure correctly.

For the perfect resin, you’ll want to put both bottles in hot water for 30-35 mins at temps of 122° F (50° C) BEFORE MIXING. After the contents of the bottle have warmed up completely, place them aside until they have returned to room temperature.

Warning: Handle hot water with caution. Do not bring water to a boil (100° C / 212° F).

Add the luminous pigment into the mix

Begin with approximately a teaspoonful of powder and slowly continue adding to achieve the desired color.

Safety comes first

Provide adequate ventilation. Wear a filter mask, protective goggles and gloves while handling the product. If exposure limits are exceeded or if irritation or other symptoms are experienced, use a full-face respirator with multi-purpose combination (US) or type AXBEK (EN 14387) respirator cartridges.

Here’s some inspiration for your next project!

Our happy customers

I used this product for T-shirts and shoes and I’m really happy with how everything came out! The colors are vivid and vibrant. They aren't sheer, or see through. And they came well-packaged. I’ll definitely be ordering more!


I made bracelets with the glow in the dark pigments and I like them sooo much! The pigments worked well, the colors are bright and easy to use, and they mixed well with epoxy resin. Works better than expected if you charge it as indicated. I cannot get enough of them!


I am very pleased with these glow in the dark pigments. There’s a decent amount of each color. The resin cures and the glowing effect is bright and lasting. The colors are vibrant and work mixed together. The grains are very small and easy to clean up.



Yes, temperature affects the texture of Roxy Epoxy. Before starting your project, you'll need to warm up the product to achieve the best results. Do this by putting each bottle, resin and hardener, in hot water at temperatures of around 122° F (50° C) for 30-35 minutes. After the contents of the bottle have warmed up completely, place them aside until they have returned to room temperature.

Warning: Hot water should be handled with caution. Do not bring water to a boil (100° C / 212° F).

Please know the mixing ratio is 1:1 ( equal parts of  resin and hardener).

Our resin kits come in two sizes: 16 oz ( 8 oz Resin & 8 oz Hardener) & 2 Quart ( 1 Qt Resin & 1 Qt Hardener). Besides that, in the package you will also find measuring cups, wooden sticks, gloves and a color set of Mica 5g powder bags.

The Mica powder bags set has 24 different colors that you can use for your resin projects.

Depending on the size you choose, our resin kits can be used in small or big DIY projects like: arts & crafts projects, jewelry making, resin coasters, glitter tumblers, paint pouring art, bar or table coatings etc.

Please know our epoxy resin cures to a glossy, glass like finish that is super durable and it does not yellow with age.

Our super durable epoxy resin is both scratch resistant and water resistant and allows easy bubbles removal.

This kit is great for both experienced candle makers as well as beginners.

Please know that you can use a blow torch, a heat gun or even a hair dryer to sweep across the surface in order to remove air bubbles that are trapped inside.

Please know that you should keep it away from fire and heat. Avoid sun exposure. Please store in a well ventilated place and keep cool. The storage containers should always be kept sealed.

We recommend you to always wear gloves when handling the epoxy resin. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Please use only outdoors or in well ventilated areas. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

Please know that we recommend you to let the resin cure to a full 24 hours.

Inside the box you'll get 4 candle tins, 4 different fragrances, 4 different color dyes, soy wax, warning labels, melting pitcher made of stainless steel, cotton wicks, string sticks, bowtie clips, glue dots, and a digital thermometer.

You can choose whether you’d like a golden candle-making kit, a silver candle-making kit - or both!

We offer simple returns and hassle-free refunds. Not happy with our products? Contact our Customer Support specialists within 30 days of purchase and benefit from our 30-day money back guarantee.

Yes, we made sure to include easy-to-follow instructions anyone can follow!

You should pour the mixture into the tin at around 131°F (55℃) and wait for about 45 minutes until it solidifies.

We recommend that children use this kit only under the supervision of an adult.

The digital thermometer we include in the package measures temperatures between approximately -58°F to 572°F (-50°C to 300°C) with an accuracy of ±1 degree in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

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Merlin R.
United States
Nice glow

I love it. It really glows nicely. I will make more

Kylee T.
United States
Easy to use

It is very easy to use. I used it with my resin and it glows brightly

Breanna P.
United States
Everyone should buy this

You'll surely be amazed by its glow. Everyone who enjoys making almost anything should try this

Cicero R.
United States
Great colors

The colors are all great. It's beautiful

Kelley B.
United States

It's so cool to see it glow. I love looking at it.

Glow In The Dark Pigments