Pearlescent Mica Powder 10g Bags Kit

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  • Easy to mix
  • Safe to use
  • Non-yellowing

Give your project a personal glow-up with our special colored Mica powders. Mica powder is easy to use and versatile. It's the must-have craft supply needed to add the wow factor to all your home décor and craft projects. 

Find your favorite color and let your imagination run free.

Our versatile Mica pigment powder pack contains 24 unique vibrant colors which are sealed in individual resealable packages to ensure no spills and no waste. Offering a better value for money, each package weighs 10g.

Unlike other similar products, our Mica powders are durable and do not fade. Easy to clean and store, the Mica powders are non-toxic and safe to use for all ages. When mixed with hardener and resin, our Mica powder is water and scratch-resistant, so your projects will look brand new for years to come!

We’re DIY enthusiasts too so we know how a little color can embellish any project. 

Epoxy resin is our area of expertise and we love to use Mica in our resin projects. However, there are many other artistic uses for Mica powder that you may want to explore. These beautiful powders provide a way to enhance your art projects no matter which medium you prefer!

You can use our versatile Mica powders to create homemade soaps, candles, bath salt, lipsticks, make-up, pottery, and much more. 

The Mica colors can also be smoothly applied on acrylic nails to create beautiful nail art. Please keep in mind that Mica powders can only be used with nail acrylic gel and can not be applied to nails directly. 

When creating other products such as the ones mentioned above, please do not mix Mica powders with epoxy resin.

How to Use

Choose your combination

Get the tools you need to create your desired items. Whether you want to create epoxy art or candles, bath and make-up products - there are endless creative possibilities.

Mix together

Mix the ratios accordingly. Add the Mica powder or glow in the dark pigments into the resin/wax and keep stirring until the dye is fully dissolved.

Let it cure

Pour the composition into the desired shape or surface and let it dry properly in a dust-free environment.