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Ever wondered what you might create?

DIY Epoxy resins that turn 

anything into art

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Unleash your inner artist

Whether you’re deciding to level up your house or are simply looking to find a way to express your creativity in your spare time, let us introduce you to DIY epoxy resins.

Epoxy resin is a material that can be used for many different purposes. Offering creative alternatives to decorating your house, creating pieces of jewelry, and designing meaningful gifts, epoxy resin is created by mixing two components (a resin and a hardner) that match. After the components are mixed, the material converts from a liquid into a solid/cured state.

At first, epoxy resin can look overwhelming to work with. Common misconceptions include imperfect results and being a complicated process.

Liv M.

happy customer

Works great for the wood crafts I make. I use it to fill in holes and gaps in the wood and also to coat table tops. Hardens fast and doesn’t make many bubbles. I like the glossy finish it gives the wood.

Liv M.

happy customer

Unlike other epoxy kits, our Roxy Epoxy resin kits offer a unique alternative to creating art regardless if you are a beginner or a pro. Our special formula self-levels and has a 1:1 ratio of hardener and resin. It’s easy to mix and allows for easy bubble removal as well. The clear epoxy resin is sturdy and reliable, curing to a high-gloss finish that won’t yellow with age and won’t chip easily. Our materials are also scratch-resistant, so your projects will look brand new for years to come!

Why use Roxy Epoxy? It’s designed for beginners and easy to use, with a unique appearance, and excellent wear and durability over time. The primary advantages of Roxy Epoxy include a wide range of material characteristics, easy processing, and good adhesion to all types of fibers.

You will learn that Roxy Epoxy offers

An easy-to-mix formula

Our Epoxy resin has an easy mixing formula that will allow you to prepare everything with precision. Just stick to the 1:1 ratio of equal parts resin and hardener and enjoy the creative process with this clear epoxy that self-levels.

Long-lasting materials

Roxy Epoxy cures to a glossy, glass-like finish that is super durable and doesn’t yellow with age. It’s scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and allows for easy bubble removal. You won’t have to worry about a thing except where to showcase your work of art!

A complete kit

Each kit comes with measuring cups, wooden sticks, gloves, and a 24-color set of Mica powder bags. Play with the colors to create unique pieces that reveal your personality!


Provide adequate ventilation. Wear a filter mask, protective goggles and gloves while handling the product. If exposure limits are exceeded or if irritation or other symptoms are experienced, use a full-face respirator with multi-purpose combination (US) or type AXBEK (EN 14387) respirator cartridges.

Roxy Epoxy offers two alternatives

Roxy Epoxy 16 oz 

Resin Epoxy Kit

Roxy Epoxy 16 oz 

Resin Epoxy Kit

Crystal-clear, glass-like finish

Perfect for: unique jewelry, beautiful resin coasters, sparkling glitter tumblers

Roxy Epoxy 2 Quart 

Resin Epoxy Kit

Super-gloss coating

Perfect for: woodworking, flooring, 

tabletops, bar projects, and arts & 

craft projects

Roxy Epoxy 2 Quart 

Resin Epoxy Kit

Thick epoxy? Here's your solution.

For the perfect resin, you’ll want to put both bottles in hot water for 30-35 mins at temps of 122° F (50° C) BEFORE MIXING. After the contents of the bottle have warmed up completely, place them aside until they have returned to room temperature. Warning: Handle hot water with caution. Do not bring water to a boil (100° C / 212°F).