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Get the tools you need to create beautiful golden candles from scratch and add a homey feel to any room.

Perfect for beginners and pros

Soy wax

Rich oil scents

Vibrant color (Gold)

Mary C.

happy customer

I’m brand new to making candles so I had no idea what I was getting into. This kit had enough of what I needed to get started and the instructions were super easy to follow. The pouring pot is just the perfect size to fit on the warmer I have to melt my components. The wax did not burn and melted perfectly. Everything was easy to clean up as well!

Liv M.

happy customer

The reason everybody loves our candle-making kits?

We believe that DIY is for everyone, so we encourage you to explore your creative side. Our candle-making kit meets all your artistic wishes and offers everything you need to create beautiful and unique pieces of art. Enjoy a soothing and relaxing DIY activity that results in a beautiful candle that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift!

Our candle-making kit is perfect for creative hobbyists of all ages. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions so everyone can experiment with candle-making and cultivate manual dexterity. Enhance your family atmosphere or create stunning gifts for your loved ones - the choice is yours.

Our candle-making kit makes it easy for anyone to fill their space with the heavenly scent and glow of homemade candles. We only source great ingredients, beautiful fragrances, and sturdy tools that are easy to use so that your candles look, smell, and glow like premium candles.

How to Use

Prepare the ingredients for melting

Stick the glue dot to the bottom of the wick. Stick the wick to the bottom of the tin, and fixate it to the center device. Pour the wax into the melting pot.

Heat and stir until the wax is fully melted

Add the dye into the wax and keep stirring until the dye has fully dissolved. Remove from heat and test the temperature.

Let the wax cool down

Pour the composition into the candle tin. Wait about 45 minutes until it’s solidified. Cut the wick to a suitable length.

What makes Roxy Epoxy’s candle-making kit your top choice

Suitable for everyone

Our candle-making kit can be used by both beginners and experienced candle makers. Our instructional guide is easy to follow.

High-quality materials

Made with high-quality soy wax and fragrant scented oils, your candles will compete with those expensive candles from high-end shops.

Complete set

From a melting pitcher made out of stainless steel to warning labels, we’ve included everything you need to create the best-looking candles.

Get creative and try something new!

Candle-making is one of the popular home decor trends right now and it seems like every decorative craft or element has gold accents. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our kit comes with an easy-to-follow guide and is fun to use!


Provide adequate ventilation. Wear a filter mask, protective goggles and gloves while handling the product. If exposure limits are exceeded or if irritation or other symptoms are experienced, use a full-face respirator with multi-purpose combination (US) or type AXBEK (EN 14387) respirator cartridges.

Get everything you need to craft unique candles!

Each package contains gold dye, fragrances, tins, bags of soy wax, a warning label, stainless steel melting pitcher, cotton wicks, string sticks, bowtie clips, glue dots, and a digital thermometer.

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