“Submit your artwork” Terms and Conditions

Users acknowledge that all workmust be original work, not previouslypublished or submitted by any other Company/website/ our “Submit your artwork”page of any kind. Entries submitted to our “Submit your artwork” page organizedby us may not contain any elements that violate any third party’s copyright,trademark or other intellectual property rights.

By submitting a “Submit your artwork” pageEntry, the users relinquish any and all intellectual property rights in and to our “Submit your artwork” page Entry or anypart of it, without limitation, including any ideas, innovations, elements orsubject matters included in, integrated into or derived from the “Submit yourartwork” page Entry.

However, we shall not be deemed the author orthe owner of any copyrights in and to such original work. All the “Submit your artwork” page Entries and theintellectual property contained in any such “Submit your artwork” page Entriesshall become part of the public domain and shall become public property for thefree and unrestricted use, copying and modification by any party as they maysee fit without any limitation and without any rights reserved or retained bythe users.

When entering competitions organized by us,the users will sign, both during and after the term of our “Submit yourartwork” page, all papers, including without limitation copyright applications,patent applications, declarations, oaths, assignments of rights, and powers ofattorney, which we may deem necessary or desirable in order to protect therights and interests related to the competition.

Any party who uses, copies, republishes ormodifies any information published, released or disseminated as a result of our“Submit your artwork” page organized by us,does, as consideration for such use, release and hold us harmless from any andall claims, demands, obligations, losses, causes of action, damages, penalties,costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, liabilities or indemnities of any naturewhatsoever, whether based in contract, tort, statute, or other legal orequitable theory of recovery, whether known, past, or present, arising from,related to or determined to be a result of our website publication, release,announcement, dissemination of information or details in regards to any “Submityour artwork” page Entry submitted to our “Submit your artwork” page or suchthird party’s use, copying, republication or modification of any suchinformation or details or of the “Submit your artwork” page Entry itself.

Except as expressly set out above, no otherlicense or assignment of any Intellectual Property Rights shall be deemed to beconferred hereby.

“Submityour artwork” page entry" means an original submission to a campaign organized by our company in which each our“Submit your artwork” applicantperforms without direct contact with or interference from others applicant, involving a design,artwork, writing, graphics or any other form of original creation that meet therequirements, format, timeline and process imposed by the rules of the our“Submit your artwork” page.

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