Epoxy Resin 3/4 Gallon Kit

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  • Easy to mix
  • Extraordinary hard when fully cured
  • Perfect for river tables

Explore a spectrum of possibilities that epoxy resin can add to your art projects.

Our versatile super gloss coating is perfect for all kinds of DIY projects, big or small, from woodworking, flooring, tabletops, and bar projects to paint pouring art and creating crafts like jewelry, resin coasters, and glitter tumblers!

Enjoy numerous arts & crafts DIY projects or even paint pouring art.

Our special formula self-levels and has a 2:1 ratio of hardener and resin. It’s easy to mix and allows easy bubbles removal as well.

You need a clear epoxy resin that is sturdy and reliable, curing to a high gloss coating that won’t yellow with age and won’t chip easily. Ours is water and scratch resistant, so your projects will look brand new for years to come!

We’re DIY enthusiasts too and we know how a little color can embellish any project. That’s why our epoxy resin kit comes with some little extras included: measuring cups, plastic stirrers, gloves and a 24-color set of Mica 5g powder bags. Let your creativity flow and amaze the world with your beautiful art pieces in vivid colors!

Creativity knows no bounds, so we don’t want you to worry about trivial stuff while engaging in your artistic endeavors. Our highly-trained Customer support specialists are always available to assist you in any way possible. Think of them as your helpful advisors, making sure you have all you need to create your stunning masterpieces!

How to Use

Pour resin and hardener into the measuring cup following a 2:1 ratio.

After carefully measuring RESIN and HARDENER in mixing cups at a ratio of 2:1, you can start mixing. It is important that mixing is done by hand and with a clean stir stick.

Mix, mix, and mix some more, then add some powder colors.

Use clean stir sticks to thoroughly mix the two components until the mixture becomes transparent. It usually takes between 3 and 7 minutes of continuous mixing without whipping, depending on the quantity.

Pour into the desired shape or surface and wait for it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Make sure that the objects created with Roxy Epoxy resin sit in a dust-free environment to cure properly. It can take up to 72 hours for the finished product to dry completely.