Jewelry Making Kit

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  • Every essential accessory is included
  • User-friendly
  • Create jewelry that will stand out

Explore a spectrum of possibilities that the Roxy Epoxy Jewelry Making Kit will add to your jewelry box. Our product is perfect for all kinds of DIY jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and much more. Imagine it. Epoxy it. Wear it.

Enjoy creating various DIY jewelry? Unique jewelry will be your trademark with the Jewelry Making Kit having you stand out wherever you go with earrings, necklaces, or bracelets that are just like you imagined. 

Make jewelry in various colors, using fine glitter, glitter sequins, or mini dry flowers-- all of which come included in our kit. Try out what fits your style best, but don't be afraid to experiment. With the Roxy Epoxy Jewelry Making Kit, every piece of jewelry you'll wear is artwork. Unleash your inner artist and uncover a palette of possibilities. 

We know that feeling of wanting to jump head-first into creating. That's why our kit comes with literally every little thing that you will need when starting a new DIY jewelry adventure. You will find the epoxy resin set (resin and hardener), color pigments, measuring cups, mixing cups, an assortment of glitter, dry flowers, earring hooks, molds, and much, much more. Discover what's inside the whole package!

This product is made by DIY enthusiasts for DIY enthusiasts. Let your creativity flow and amaze the world with beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

How to Use

Prepare the mold, epoxy, and accessories

Prepare a clean jewelry mold and put the dry flowers or wheels from the kit in it. Make sure it is dust-free. Prepare a cup of epoxy resin. Be careful to follow all the steps regarding the resin preparation process.

Pour epoxy resin and add some colors

Pour the epoxy resin evenly into the jewelry mold. You can also pour some color pigments according to your preference. In our kit, you will find pigments in 5 vivid colors.

Wait for it, then wear it

Let it sit for one night, wait for it to solidify, then demold it. Try to combine it with jump rings, necklace chains, and so on. And that's it - you've created your own unique jewelry!


For the perfect resin, you’ll want to put both bottles in hot water for 30-35 mins at temps of 122° F (50° C) BEFORE MIXING. After the contents of the bottle have warmed up completely, place them aside until they have returned to room temperature. Warning: Handle hot water with caution. Do not bring water to a boil (100° C / 212° F).